Here We Go! – September 2012

It’s all starting to come together!  Don’t let anyone ever tell you that starting a business is easy. But after the months of behind the scenes planning, it is an amazing feeling to see things finally starting to fall into place. It started out as a large warehouse space. Read More

Lot’s of Deliveries – September 2012

Today was a big day! The brake machines arrived along with two of the lifts and my tool box was moved (via tow truck) into the new shop! The lifts were delivered by tractor trailer and moved into the shop using a fork lift!  The kids came by to check out the place … which really just looks like a lot of boxes at this point, but give us a few days! Read More

Busy Day – October 2012

Busy day at EPR Automotive in Gaithersburg, MD!  Today we unpackaged the lifts and fully installed one of them. The second is upright and ready for assembly.

When I came home and told the kids the lifts were on the ground they both broke into song “Lifts on the ground, Lifts on the ground, Looking like a fool with your lifts on the ground. We unpackaged and assembled the tire machine and balancer. The wheel aligner is still all wrapped up waiting for the arrival of the alignment lift … scheduled to be delivered Thursday morning. Read More

Getting Closer – October 2012

Friday was an exciting day as we watched the sign go up at EPR Automotive. That made it officially seem real.

As of today, everything has been delivered and unpacked and about 80% of the equipment and machinery has been assembled. Two lifts will be fully operational by the end of the day tomorrow and the third (alignment rack) should be by Wednesday. Read More

Last Minute Details – October 2012

Thanks so much to everyone for all the support and words of encouragement!  The last few days have been filled with the business side of things… Comcast installed cable/internet, phones are up and running, made connections with parts dealers, an update to the sign, and met with reps for credit card processing. Not the fun parts, but all last minute details that have to get done!  

By the end of the week, All three lifts were finally operational and the shop was a whole lot brighter thanks to our good friend Matt Perfater from A.Dean Electric. Here he is hard at work

Once the lifts were functional, Eric put them to work right away. Starting things slowly, with a few alignments and some engine work. Read More