Engine Repair Services

It is never a good time to have your vehicle break down, but EPR Automotive is here to help. With our decades of experience, we’ll quickly determine what is wrong and get you back on the road. Vehicles are more complex today than ever, but we can handle it all…


Preventative Maintenance

At EPR Automotive we can take care of all your vehical maintenance for you, from basic oil and filter changes and simple lightbulb replacements all the way on to fluids, tires, suspension, brakes, and much more.


Diagnostic Services

Is your check engine light on… again!? It could be a simple issue like a loose gas cap or it could turn out to be something pretty serious that will require real engine repair work. Either way, EPR can help you find out exactly what it is, and then help you determine what the best course of action is.


Wheel Alignment

Does your vehicle ever pull to the left or the right? Is the steering wheel not centered when you are traveling straight? Does your steering wheel shake and shimmy and vibrate while you are driving? Any of these signs could indicate an alignment problem…


Restoration & Performance

EPR Automotive offers a wide range of performance work, repairs & restorations for muscle cars and street rods. Eric and Mike together have over 40 years of experience in this area…


Exhaust Systems

EPR can help with exhaust system problems from the muffler, through the piping, and the catalytic converter as well. All of these can cause engine trouble and can cause you to fail Maryland emissions inspections.


Brake Service

If your brakes are not functioning properly, then you, your family, and others on the road are at serious risk of a collision. This is why EPR offers free brake inspections. We can check your brakes quickly, even during a routine oil change, and repair and service brakes affordably…


Tire Services

We can mount and balance your new tires, diagnose and repair TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor problems, and repair and rebalance your current tires…


Transmission Repair

The transmission is one of the most critical components of your vehicle – responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of your engine and the reliable performance and acceleration you depend on. EPR can help with both transmission service and maintenance as well as full transmission repair and replacement services.


A/C Repairs & Service

A vehicle without cool air conditioning can be a sweaty and uncomfortable ride. A properly working A/C keeps you and everyone else in the vehicle comfortable and cool all the way to your destination. If your car air conditioner isn’t working, EPR can help. We are adept at diagnosing and fixing A/C problems in all kinds of cars and trucks.


Shocks, Struts & Suspension

Shocks and struts are important components of the suspension system and their wear can definitely impact the safety of your vehicle and the comfort of your ride. We can help with suspension maintenance and repair.


Fleet Services

Did you know that EPR Automotive can also handle your fleet? We know how important fleet vehicles are to your company. If any of your vehicles is having trouble, it can have a massive impact on your ability to do business. You can rest assured that we will do everything we can to get your vehicles running smoothly again as quickly as possible.


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