Lot’s of Deliveries – September 2012

Today was a big day! The brake machines arrived along with two of the lifts and my tool box was moved (via tow truck) into the new shop! The lifts were delivered by tractor trailer and moved into the shop using a fork lift!  The kids came by to check out the place … which really just looks like a lot of boxes at this point, but give us a few days!

You can see from the photos we’ve had lots of help. We have some great new neighbors on Woodfield Rd! The folks at Shannon Auto Body have been so helpful from day one and today we met Neil from Exotic Lumber down the street. He took some time out of his day (and brought along his fork lift) to help get the lifts off the truck. And the guys at Morton’s Towing moved Eric’s toolbox for (hopefully) the last time! Thanks everyone for all your help!

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