Diagnostic Services

The check engine blues

Engine Diagnostics
Is your vehicle running differently, making strange noises, or stalling out? Is your check engine light on… again!? It could be a simple issue like a loose gas cap or it could turn out to be something pretty serious that will require real engine repair work. Either way, EPR can help you find out exactly what it is, and then help you determine what the best course of action is.

We combine state-of-the-art scanning equipment with our professional certified technicians and deep insight and experience to give you a solid diagnosis and the right recommendations to get you and your car safely back on the road.

Engine Light Code Pull Service:
Stop guessing and know for sure what is going on with your vehicle.

  • We scan of your vehicle’s on board computer using state of the art equipment
  • We give you documentation of the diagnostic trouble code(s) (DTC) and code description(s)
  • We do a database check for any technical service bulletins issued by the vehicle manufacturer that may be related to the DTC(s)

Engine Diagnostic service:
Let us take a close look and go way beyond the basic trouble code.

  • Expert analysis by our ASE Certified Technicians
  • Road test of your vehicle to verify and clarify the problem
  • Inspection under the hood to investigate the possible causes
  • Complete battery and charging system analysis
  • Variety of tests and inspections as needed:
    • fuel pressure
    • spark
    • compression
    • electrical
    • exhaust
    • brakes
    • other components
  • Our Diagnosis of the cause of the malfunction
  • Estimate for repair costs and time