The transmission is one of the most critical components of your vehicle – responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of your engine and the reliable performance and acceleration you depend on as you merge onto the beltway!

There is no component more complex and essential than a car’s transmission. Automatic transmissions are responsible for shifting gears without driver input to change gear ratios in an efficient manner as the vehicle moves forward, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually.

Without proper maintenance, the operation of your transmission can degrade, with noticeable impact on the quality of your ride. Transmission problems usually cause violent grinding noises, gear slipping, hard shifting, and other serious interruptions to your driving.  If left unattended, you’ll find yourself on the side of the road.

EPR Can help you with both the ongoing maintenance and service of your transmission, as well as helping fix any repair or service you may need with your transmission.  If needed, we can perform a thorough transmission fluid flush and ensure that your transmission will continue to run safely and efficiently.

What is a Transmission, anyway?

What is a transmission? It’s an intricate system of gears and sensors that delivery the power from your engine to your drivetrain and wheels. The transmission ensures that the energy provided by the engine travels smoothly to the tires and to the road, providing smooth power and acceleration and safe control for the driver.

This job generates a lot of heat, though, and your transmission fluid keeps your transmission lubricated and keeps it from getting too hot. If your transmission gets too hot it can damage the parts that do all that work and cause big problems over time.  As the transmission fluid is used up over time, it becomes less efficient and leaves your transmission more vulnerable to wear and to heat damage.

An Ounce of Prevention…

The best way to prevent costly transmission repairs is to keep your transmission fluid fresh.  At EPR Automotive, we can inspect your fluids, remove your old transmission fluid, perform a complete flush of your transmission system, and install new, premium-quality fluid. We use only the best transmission fluid, as well as state-of-the-art technology to monitor this proces. Transmission experts recommend getting an automatic transmission fluid exchange every 50,000 miles. Typically factory recommended service is a little bit more than that, but it doesn’t account for harsh driving and weather conditions drivers’ face on a daily basis.

Use the Correct Transmission Fluid

Although it might seem obvious, many people don’t know it’s essential to use the automatic transmission fluid recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. This is because different fluids contain different additives that function specifically for certain transmissions. Only the recommended type will ensure your transmission performs correctly. In the event that you’ve had the original transmission changed should you use the recommended fluid for that particular transmission.

Transmission Rebuild, Repair, and Replacement Services

Unfortunately, sometimes you may need some serious work done on your transmission. Although it can be daunting and expensive, the transmission experts at EPR have you covered, so you know you’ll get the best service for a reasonable price.

Depending on your situation and budget, you may be looking at some basic repair jobs, on up to a transmission rebuild, or replacement.

Even a relatively simple transmission repair job can be quite expensive.  A manual transmission often only requires a new clutch, but that can still range into the thousands of dollars.

Transmission replacement is one of the most expensive jobs done by any mechanic. The average cost of transmission replacement ranges into several thousand dollars. A used/salvaged transmission might save you a little bit of money in a rebuild or remanufactured transmission scenario. This is a very labor-intensive process and the labor to remove and replace your transmission can take several days of work.

Whatever the scenario, you can be confident that EPR has the expertise and experience to get the job done, and that we will keep you informed and walk you through the process.