Eric Reuschlein

Eric is an ASE certified master automotive technician, a former Maryland State Inspector, and he holds a Certificate of Competence as an Advance Level Specialist (L1) in advanced automobile engine performance. Eric believes that experience is the key to any profession, and his experience and knowledge set him apart from other technicians in the field.

Eric has always been interested in how things work, and exploring that curiosity over the years has helped shape his career. What started as a hobby in 1992, with a beat up Dodge Aspen, evolved into a passion for cars and eventually into a career.

With a lot of reading and trial and error, he started understanding the basics of how cars work. The more he learned, the more he wanted to know. He spent much of his free time working on his car, consumed with finding ways to make it faster. As his comfort level and interest grew, he decided to sign up for automotive classes at Montgomery College.

After a few semesters of training there, he sat for the two ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) tests needed tp become a master technician. Having passed both tests, he applied for his first job in the industry, that of a technician’s helper. Over the years sicne then, Eric has wored at both dealerships and independent shops, learning the ins and outs of the business along the way.

Eric hopes to share his experience and knowledge with you and your car at EPR Automotive. It is his goal to provide dependable and honest automotive repairs at reasonable prices.

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