Evan S.

…It’s with a lot of surprise and pleasure that I report that I finally found a good car mechanic who meets the holy grail of criteria: honest, smart, good people person, nearby, good rates, great front desk.

Eric is the mechanic, and he not only knows which way is up on your car (not always a guarantee, trust me), he will explain why it is up and not down and how it might be even more up, in plain English, in a completely understandable way. Not a common skill, believe me. He clearly is all about cars, is a total car person, and I’ll be having him do everything I can’t do myself from now on.

One last note: the garage is incredibly clean. I have spent a lot of time about cars and mechanics generally and I have seen some stuff in my time, and Eric’s garage is by far the cleanest I’ve ever encountered. No black smudges on the floor, all tools in their rightful place, everything seems color coded or to be in a purposeful place… I was impressed.

The real deal, ladies and gentlemen – a really great car shop.

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