Joe M.

Took my SUV to Eric and within 15 minutes and a test drive he had an idea of what it was (rear bearing was going).  He gave me a quote to make the repair and I called back the dealer and asked for a quote for the same work and it was about 30% higher.  Brought it to Eric who made the repair – he even texted me pics as he went along, detailing what he was finding and confirming his diagnosis.  When I came to pick it up he had all the old parts laid out to show me exactly what the problem was and explained why it was a good thing I had the work done.  The pics and the parts display at the end were both new experiences for me and, quite frankly, pretty cool.  And, for the record, as soon as I drove off I noticed that the problem was gone and my truck was back to normal.

Oh, almost forgot – when I came to pick it up I mentioned I forgot to ask him about a vibration I could hear under the truck.  Without hesitation he started the truck, heard the vibration, threw it back on the lift, welded a couple of points and the vibration was gone.  Took him about 15 minutes and he didn’t charge me for that…

So let’s see – fantastic service and great pricing.  Never thought that could happen with car repair Eric has proven me wrong!  Would recommend without hesitation.

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