If I could give EPR a higher rating I would.  Eric was highly recommended to me by a couple of my daughter’s  friend’s mom.  I could not be happier.  True to word too from the other moms, they said I likely have been paying way too much for car repairs all these years and that Eric’s rates would be a lot less.

He uses OEM parts too not after market or non-OEM parts.  I am not an expert with cars which is why I have to completely rely on someone else.  I had been going to a very reputable place in Rockville for over 10 years.  They did decent work but I think I had been paying at least 50-100% more.

Eric truly lives up to his mission statement of being an honest mechanic.  I don’t normally write Reviews unless I can completely and highly recommend a place.  EPR warrants the 5 star review – high integrity and professional.

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